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Two Interesting Stories From FramingPaterno.com

Dear FramingPaterno.com Mailing List Members:
I wanted you to take a look at two stories which, while not directly related to the Penn State situation, are both very relevant when it comes to understanding what really happened and how/why the media created a false narrative.

The first is a column I wrote for a local Ohio paper today which deals with how the New York Times is trying so hard to recreate the "Penn State" narrative at a high school football power (which, ironically, I once wrote a book about) that they are willing to deviously become the mouthpiece of terrorist hacking group.
You can read that story here:
The second story is one that won't get much attention but deals with a case of what appears to be a real cover up involving a college football team (as opposed to the fake cover up absurdly alleged in the Penn State case). It also shows why real cover ups never last. It also shows that since the Louisville coach is not a legend/celebrity, he will not get 1/100,000,000th of the media scrutiny that Joe Paterno got.
Here is that story:
Thanks so much for your support. Please have a happy new year.
John Ziegler